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Pets are one’s best companion when loved and you take care of these loving creatures. They can be a perfect friend and a company. Thus, when you intend to buy a pet always consider what kind of pet could be appropriate and would suit you the most. And, most importantly, it has been seen that pets when are similar to the owner’s personality, are the best choices, as a companion.

If you are confused about what kind of pet you should buy, then this article will surely give you the top tips for you to ponder and will be of a great help in choosing the right pet for you. The pet is always unique and most lovable creature to his owner. Thus, finding a right pet can be a tough task as well as quite interesting one too. In addition, when people go for buying pets, they gain a lot of knowledge about animals’ species and breeds, which they otherwise would not know.

Pets become indispensable family member

Choosing the right kind of pet can be extremely rewarding. Pets change lives and make it even better. Though animals are not able to speak, their loyalty, love, devotion, expressions, and affection are truly admirable. Gradually and slowly the pets turns into a family member without whom it become difficult to live. They become indispensable part of the family.

Varied needs

One of the most important things, which should be noted, is that if a person fails to buy the right kind of pet, it can be of a great trouble for him or her. While selecting a pet, keep in mind that every animal has a different need and temperament. They differ greatly. For example, some animals can be live in small quarters while others must need a large and open space to survive. The person wanting to buy a pet should thus plan accordingly.

Popular pets

The most popular kind of pets among humans is dogs and cats. It is believed that 8 out of 10 people choose to prefer dogs and cats to be petted. Since time immemorial, dogs and cats are ideal as pets just because they can be domesticated and trained easily. In addition, a person needs to choose between different kinds of dogs and cats. Mixed breed is the most preferred ones and can be easily available in the pet shops.

Easy to carry caged pets

Other types of pets are generally difficult to maintain. On the contrary, keeping small caged animals like fish and birds can be easier at times, as they require less money to spend upon and can be carried from one place to another along with the owner without any hassles. Whereas, in some places, it is found that dogs and cats are not permitted. Thus, it becomes problematic for the owners to carry them during that time. In such cases, the owners of caged animals are quite lucky.

Choose pet as per your lifestyle

Another important fact to keep in mind while choosing the right kind of pet is that whether the pet suits the owner’s lifestyle or not. If the animal is not appropriate then it can become a burden to the owner. If the owner has an extremely busy schedule then he or she should always select such a pet, which need less maintenance, care, and affection. In addition, the owner needs to check whether the animal fits in the household or not.

Be responsible towards your pet

Petting an animal needs a person to be responsible towards it. Before buying an animal, it is wise to gain all the knowledge about the animal; for example, about his food habits, exercising schedules, expenses to be incurred, grooming, etc. The family members should share the task among themselves. Consider the housing conditions, amount of time you can spend on the pet, budget to spend, physical conditions, etc.

Purpose of owing a pet

The choice of pets also depends upon the purpose of owning a pet. A person can want a pet just for the sake of company, or maybe want to train it to perform special tasks or just want to keep it as a showpiece. Companion animals can be kept indoors for longer periods and lesser time in outdoors. They can just be taken outdoors for walking. Some example of companion pets includes birds, dogs, reptiles, etc.

On the other hand, working animals need rigorous grooming and maintenance. They are generally kept for aiding the blind or hunting purposes. They are quite lesser in number than companion pets. Show animals are generally fragile in sense and need extra attention and care. In addition, at times it has been seen that the owner has to spend more money for such pets.

The above-mentioned things would gradually narrow down the choice of pets for the ones who wish to buy pets. Here is list of some pets, which are suitable according to the choices of the owners, which are:

• Indoor pets – Cats, dogs, raccoons, etc.
• Aquarium animals – Pond or freshwater fishes, mini coral reefs and invertebrates.
• Avian animals – Birds as parrots, cocktails, conjure love birds, macaw, canaries, pigeons, quail, falcons, doves, red-bellied parrots, toucans, etc.
• Small pets – Rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, ferrets, squirrels, chinchillas, gerbils, rats, sugar gliders, etc.
• Outdoor pets – Goats, horses, burros, aviary birds, ducks, etc.

Research has also shown that the choice of pets differs according to the gender. Females mostly prefer dogs while men prefer cats, birds, horses, and other animals. The psychological linkage makes the difference. Most of the males like cats because of their subtleness and grace while females like dogs because of its loyalty, friendly nature, and straightforwardness. These might also differ because of the difference in observation.

The choice of a pet can define your personality. People are mostly referred to as ‘dog person’ or ‘cat person’. Dogs are the most common pet and most people rescue dog. Dog persons are generally more extroverted, more conscientious, and more agreeable. On the other hand, cats are the second most popular pets in the world after dogs. Cat people are more adventurous and creative. In addition, they are prone to anxiety and neuroticism.

Thus, when you want to buy pet, choose your pet wisely keeping in mind your lifestyle and their lifestyle.

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